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We Don’t Know How Much Longer You Have Left to Live

We Don’t Know How Much Longer You Have Left to Live

I was at a happy hour talking to a girl I work with and she mentioned that her uncle had recently passed away. I offered my condolences and she said thank you, she appreciates it but it is okay. The doctors had told him they didn’t know how much longer he had left to live. When he found out he was dying, he quit his job and did everything he ever wanted to do. He spent time with his family, traveled, really lived his life. He died a happy man.

Such an inspiring story to hear. And then my next immediate thought was, wouldn’t it be great if a doctor told that to everyone? Why don’t they? Isn’t it true? Wouldn’t it help everyone live their best life as well?

Because when you think about it, we actually don’t know how much longer we have to live. And just because a doctor hasn’t told you this, it doesn’t mean you are going to live another year or even another full day.

WE THINK we have time

We take our lives for granted because we think we have time. We wait to do things because we assume we can do them later. That we will live to be 100 and die of old age. And even then we don’t ever end up living how we want because we become “comfortable”. This is why so many people look back on their lives wishing they would have done things differently. Seeing what is really important. What things truly mattered.

The truth is, you are going to die. Yes, you. I know it seems far off. But your body could stop working for you at any moment. In a few minutes even. You don’t know when. Use this not as a fear but to motivate you. This is something I have started to remind myself on a daily basis. Not just to live more fearlessly, but also to be more mindful of how I am taking care of my body.

I am not saying you should quit your job (although maybe you should) and act recklessly spending all of your money and doing crazy things that will make your life harder if you do end up living a long time. 

But if you found out you had five years left to live. Would you be living in a different way? Would some of the things you stress about now even matter to you anymore? 

As we start the new year, I ask you to keep this in mind. 

We don’t know how much longer you have left to live.

What will you do? How will you spend your days. What do you want to experience. Do these things now. Because. You don’t know how much more time you have left. What are you waiting for. Enjoy your life now. Enjoy your life always. NOW is the time.

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