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Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. Use this site to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travelers.


  • Cost: Free of charge, choice to become verified for $60
  • Culture: Great way to experience life as a local and see what it feels like to really live there; hosts are often able to share hidden gems and non-touristy attractions that are part of their everyday life
  • Social: Couchsurfing allows you to meet locals and you get to know some really cool people. Who knows, they may also need a place to stay in their future travels; a good way to build connections all over the world


  • Comfort: Not always comfortable living in a stranger's home and sharing space with them
  • Privacy: Shared living spaces, commonly sleeping on a couch in a common area, offer little privacy for travelers
  • Social: While you can spend time with your host and their friends, you don't get the international mix of travelers you would if you stayed in a hostel


Shared living spaces usually offering dorm like rooms with bunk beds accommodating 4 -12 travelers in each room. Many hostels also offer the choice of a private room for a slightly higher rate. Hostels are a great way to meet friends and interact with fellow travelers. Hostels range from basic to boutique, with various atmospheres and levels of privacy. For more privacy, look for hostels with pod style beds.


  • Cost: Budget accommodation; hostels start from $3 per night depending on which country you are traveling to
  • Social: Great way to meet fellow travelers from all over the globe, many offer a variety of organized activities and group or individual tour options
  • Location: Hostels are generally located in high traffic backpacking areas meaning the areas in which backpackers hang out and travel too most often


  • Privacy: Sharing a room and bathroom with more than 10 other travelers, you don't often get much time alone
  • Comfort: Often times the beds are small, Shared living conditions means noise, snoring, and parities depending on the hostel atmosphere
  • Theft: With people coming and going all of the time, there is the chance of theft. Most hostels offer lockers to prevent this (some provide a lock and some rely on you to bring your own)


While I mainly couch surf or stay in hostels, I often try to switch it up and book a hotel every once in awhile. There is just something refreshing about having your own bathroom and space.


  • Privacy: Own living space and privacy of having your own room
  • Comfort: Most hotels offer a variety of amenities including an en suite bathroom, housekeeping, laundry services, parking, fitness center, meeting rooms, and more
  • Location: Hotels are generally placed in high traffic and convenient areas of town


  • Cost: Hotels generally cost more than hostels, guesthouses, and homestays
  • Social: Less opportunity to meet fellow travelers as hotels and guesthouses are more private and not set up as much to promote socializing between travelers
  • Culture: Staying in a hotel, you don't often get to experience the local culture as much as you would staying in a hostel, guesthouse, or homestay


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  • Culture: Best opportunity to experience the local culture and get a sense for what it actually feels like to live there
  • Food: Many homestays and guesthouses will offer home cooked meals which is an excellent way to taste authentic local cuisine
  • Unique: Homestays and guesthouses offer a unique experience allowing you to live in the same conditions as a local family


  • Privacy: Depending on the arrangements, many times you are sharing common areas with the host family
  • Social: A homestay or guesthouse usually will host a smaller number of travelers (if they even host more than one at a time), making it difficult to meet fellow travelers
  • Location: Many homestays are away from the tourist attractions in the city center and more in the suburb locations where the locals actually live. This can make it hard to get around or see some of the attractions



I recommend using a variety of search engines before booking a particular accommodation. Sometimes the prices have a big variation for the same hostel/hotel across booking sites. Another way to search this is just to search the name of the accommodation and city name in Google. When you do this, there will often be a box that pops up on the right that compares the price across sites for you. It is also good to check reviews and ratings on each site as well.



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Homestays: A sight to search for homestays around the world

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