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A lot of people ask me how I afford to travel so much. But what they don’t realize is that flights are a lot cheaper than they think! To help others find the cheapest possible flight, I wanted to share a few tips to get started. 


  • Time vs. Money. Many times the cheapest flights are also often the longest. You are trading time and convenience for money in these cases.
  • Baggage Fees. There are times when the low cost airlines are slightly cheaper, but they charge extra for checked baggage which ends up costing you more than if you took the next cheapest flight listed.
  • Tuesday. The best day to search for flights in the United States is on Tuesday, as many flight prices drop on this day. It is also one of the cheapest days to actually fly in the plane.
  • Skyscanner. I predominately use Skyscanner (links below) to search for flights as they don't make a commission on flight prices. This means you can search for the same flight numerous times and you don't need to worry about flight prices hiking up as your browser is tracking.
  • Be creative. Sometimes it is cheaper if you fly somewhere else first. One time, I was trying to get from Indonesia to Vietnam. For some reason, these flights were around $250 for a one way ticket. Instead, I searched for Indonesia to 'Everywhere' and saw that it was only $25 to fly to Malaysia. Then from Malaysia, there was a flight to Vietnam for only $30. So, I booked both of those flights and ended up paying only $55 instead of $250. Keep in mind, this is riskier, as if there is a flight delay or cancellation with your first flight, it may ruin your plans for the second flight. Also, booking two separate flights means that you will need to go through customs (if international flight) and recheck in for your second flight. It is smart to make sure you leave enough of time in between flights to give you plenty of time in the case any of the above things happen.
  • Cheapest month. If you have any flexibility within your schedule, it can save you a lot if when you are searching in Skyscanner, you leave your dates open as either 'Cheapest month' or entering the date range as an entire month.
  • Everywhere. To start out my search, I usually choose the airport I am flying out of, to 'Everywhere." I actually do this on a regular basis just to see if there are any crazy cheap flight deals. Your results will list the cheapest flights by country (in order). It gives you an idea of which countries are cheaper to fly into which can in turn help you better plan your itinerary if you are planning on traveling to multiple countries.
  • Search by Country. I also recommend searching the city you are leaving from and your destination as the entire country instead of a city name. This will help you see if there are possibly cheaper flights if you fly into a different airport. You can also do this by making sure the 'Add Nearby Airports' box is checked. But beware if you are searching for a specific city and this box is still checked. It may cause you to accidentally book a flight into the wrong airport and not realize it until you miss your flight.
  • One Way vs. Round Trip. There are times when it is cheaper to book two one way tickets instead of a round trip flight. It is always good to check both options. With two one way tickets, you are also able to fly into and out of different cities.
  • Web Search. If using Skyscanner, I always recommend using a laptop or desktop because the web version is easier to navigate.


TRY IT. Open Skyscanner on your browser or mobile phone. First, choose the ‘One Way’ button. Choose your home airport in the ‘From” box. In the ‘To’ box, choose the ‘Everywhere’ option. Then for the date range, at the top, click ‘Whole Month’. From here, choose ‘Cheapest month.’ Here you will see a list of results by country, starting with the cheapest. Play around with this for awhile and see how cheap flights actually can be!

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